Students Representatives





EEI’s Students Representatives is an association composed exclusively by EEI students, and it has the following goals: students representation within the School governing bodies, spreading of information, organisation of cultural events, and giving advice to students on anything related to university life.

The Students Representatives has some areas in both EEI’s sites (city and campus). It provides printing, scanning, laminating and binding services, and there are also several computers.

City site:

In the city, the Students Representatives office is on the ground floor of the main building, as the picture displays. It takes up 63m^2, and it is divided into a multipurpose space and two offices. There are several computers for students use.



Campus site:

In the campus, the Students Representatives area takes up 99m^2. The following image shows its location inside the common area, next to the Study Room and Computer Room, spaces that are at students disposal.