Extra Curricular Work Placement

Extra Curricular Work Placement is done voluntarily during the academic period and, although it has the same goals as curricular work placement, it is not part of the curriculum.

Extra curricular work placement is organized academically through the ECTS credit system, so that it can be included in students’ academic records, in the European Diploma Supplement, and in any other official document.


Length and Timetable

The length and timetable of the extra curricular work placement will be established in order to guarantee that students are able to carry it out properly.

The maximum length will be 6 months per academic year, and it can be done at any time throughout the year.

The recommended working day will be 5 hours long, but it can be longer in the following cases:

  • In holiday periods or when the lack of academic workload can be justified during the work placement.
  • When selected students only have 15 credits left to finish their degree.

Work Placement Grant

The company or organization offering the work placement will provide financial aid in the form of a grant, which will be proportional to the minimum wage established in the country where the work placement takes place, depending on the number of hours worked. It will be optional in the following cases:

  • Public bodies and non-profit organizations for a maximum period of 3 months.
  • For a period equivalent to 240 hours (applicable only once per student in the same company).