ISEP Program

ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) is a network of over 200 universities worldwide designed to promote the physical mobility of graduate students and undergraduates in the final years of their degrees. Through this program, in which only seven Spanish universities are involved, the cost of spending a semester or a full academic year in the USA is about one tenth of what it would normally be.

Through ISEP, students of the University of Vigo can spend a full academic year (August-May) or a semester (August-December or January-May) in an American university. They can choose from over 150 universities in the USA and a wide range of programs of studies. In general, the University of Vigo has assigned a maximum of 15 year-long places or 30 semester places.

In their application form, candidates must indicate up to 10 American universities in which they would like to pursue their studies, as well as the courses or programs of studies in which they would like to enroll.

The admitted candidates will receive free housing and meals during their stay in the US, according to the system of international reciprocity, and they will not pay tuition fees in the receiving university. In their application form, candidates must indicate whether they prefer a stipend to cover the costs of housing or staying with a family. Similarly, the University of Vigo will receive a group of American students that will pursue part of their studies here.

The Universidad of Vigo and ISEP will also take care of most of the required paperwork (including the J-1 visa) and make entry into the American institutions easier for students of the University of Vigo.